Review excerpts for August: Osage County

 I'm Cara..... good to meet you.
I am a native New Yorker and was raised on the UWS. I LOVE everything about New York.
I am super proud to say that I am a graduate of LaGuardia Performing Arts HS.  I told my parents that I was going there when I was in 7th grade and I DID IT. 
Another iconic school that I was lucky enough to graduate from is the Neighborhood Playhouse.  WOW!
Meeting new people is a favorite pass time of mine along with exploring all that is New York and shopping, let's not forget shopping.
Look forward to meeting you, shoot me a Hey there!

While it is an ensemble piece, there are some stand-outs. Marlene Golia as Violet turns in a powerhouse performance…… Matching that fever pitch….. is Lisa Lynds as Barbara and Cara Feuer delivers a solid, precocious 14 year old, Jean.

Review for Aisle Seat by Lori Schneider


Cara Feuer, new to the Rhinebeck stage, nevertheless is an experienced actor and portrays well the burden a teenager feels under the weight of her parents' failed marriage. 

                             Review from The Green Room by 

                                                            Robert H. Scores